Monday West Coast Swing

Matt and Desirae can be found teaching and DJ'ing Monday Night West Coast Swing.  See the flyer below and check us out on Facebook: or for more information.

7:30-8:15 Cooperative Improvement Class
Want the keys to mastering Newcomer, Novice, or Intermediate competitions? Want to work hard with peers to all improve together? Have taken group classes or private lessons and have many questions? If you answered yes to any of the above this class is for you! We'll be guiding you through fundamental personal and partnership technique elements as well as providing helpful drills to practice at home. Your $15 cover charge includes this class as well as the following class and dance party!

8:15-9:00 Intermediate West Coast Swing
For those of you that feel comfortable with your side passes, push break/sugar push, and whips. Designed to upgrade your dancing in a fun and easy way to have great social dances all night long! Your $10 cover charge includes the dance party after!

9:00-10:00 Dance Party!!