Matt Davis & Desirae Vasquez grew up with music all around them. A jazz trumpeter, Matt was raised by parents who were likewise musicians, actors, and dancers.  When Matt met Desirae, he quickly learned that she had been singing her entire life and wasn’t stopping anytime soon, including their 10-hour road trip to MADJam 2014! 

Music and the diverse expression of music drew both Matt and Desirae to dance, and in particular, improvisational West Coast Swing dance. They met on the dance floor and discovered that, while neither had any formal dance training prior to adulthood, they each had intense drive to improve themselves in West Coast Swing musically, athletically, and as motivators for one another.  Matt stringently coached Desirae in all of her basics before they began competing together in September 2014.  Desirae emphasized solo work, drills, and mirror work to raise the level of both in the partnership, Neither of them would let the other forget a musical accent. 

As a dance partnership, Matt & Desirae are most passionate about being encouragers and innovators within their social and competitive dance community, while never sacrificing the defining essences of the dance.  They work alongside others in the community who are adamant about growing their dance each and every day, dance by dance, drill by drill, raising the bar through inclusivity and inspiration.

Rising Tide Swing Dance Studio exists to encourage the West Coast Swing dance community - and the people Matt and Desirae are fortunate enough to know - to bring about its constant evolution and growth.

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